A good welder is always in demand.

Welding is an important skill – even under the surface.

Are you a commercial diver and want to specialize in underwater welding?
This course provides world class training based on the guidelines of the International Institute of Welding and the European Welding Federation.

At NYD we dont believe in slow time consuming course. We prefer to dive right to the core of things. The training is intense and hands-on. Straight to the point! You will learn about wet and dry welding, Welding techniques, common mistakes, equipment – and much, much more.

After the course you should be able to produce flawless welds. The certification follows BS EN ISO 15618-1 and AWS D3.6M-10 for welding on plate.

Ready for training that sparks?

  • What do you learn?

    The course is mainly practical and you will spend a lot of time in the water.

    The following topics are covered:

    1. Procedures for safe underwater welding
    2. Welding equipment
    3. Underwater welding techniques
    4. reparations for welding
    5. Electrodes and welding terminology
    6. Basic weldability and common welding defects
    7. Monitoring and control of welding operations
    8. Quality assurance and quality control
    9. Welding of steel plates with standard underwater welding techniques
  • Admission requirements

    To begin the course, you must be a certified professional diver. You must also have a valid health certificate for professional divers.

  • Job opportunities

    There is a growing demand for skilled and certified underwater welders, and a welding certificate makes you more competitive.

  • Certificates

    At the end of the course, you take a welding test which is sent to a welding laboratory in England for analysis. When the result is available, those who pass will be certified according to BS EN ISO 15618-1 and AWS D3.6M-10 for welding of plate.