First out, first down.

This is a specialized program for commercial air divers who wants to become rescue divers. When someone is reported missing you are the first to respond to search. You are first out and first down.

Since you already have qualified as a diver, we have designed a practical course directed towards search methods in different visibility and current conditions. You will learn night diving, emergency deployment and procedures for helicopter support.

Once you graduate you will receive a class R certificate. This is a requirement for rescue divers in the fire brigades in Norway

Duration is 2 weeks.

Ready to save lives?

  • What do you learn?

    The course is aimed at certified professional divers who want to qualify as rescue divers. You learn search techniques, emergency response, risk management and diving under demanding conditions such as flowing water and under ice.

  • Admission requirements

    To start the course, you must be 18 years of age and be a certified professional diver.

  • Job opportunities

    The rescue diving service in Norway is mainly provided by various local fire brigades. Many people complete this course to be stronger in the competition for a job as a firefighter.

  • Certificates

    Upon passing the training, you will receive a rescue diver certificate that is necessary to be able to work as a rescue diver