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Supervisor certificates are valid for 5 years. To maintain your approval as a supervisor, chapter 26-23 of Regulations concerning the performance of work (Inshore diving regulations), you need to sit a refresher course every 5 years.

The refresher course lasts 3 days, and include theoretical and practical training as a supervisor. An optional 4th day may be included to renew your first aid diploma.

  • What do you learn?

    The course is based on your initial supervisor training. We include the latest changes and updates to regulations and procedures, and repeat essential parts of risk assessment and dive management.

  • Admission requirements

    You need to be a qualified supervisor with training according to chapter 26-23 of regulations concerning the performance of work

  • Job opportunities

    The course is necessary to maintain your supervisor qualifications after 5 years

  • Certificates

    After passing the exam you will be awarded a new certificate of competency with 5 years validity