Great responsibility require great competence. Are you prepared?

Commercial diving require good risk assessments and thorough planning. That is the job of the supervisor. During this course you will be mentored in planning and managing safe diving operations.

The course is both practical and theoretical, and you will learn about leadership, safety, risk management and rules and regulations.

From Januar 1st 2020 all inshore supervisors in Norwegian waters need this course. Successfully graduating this course makes you ready for more responsibility.

Are you an experienced diver ready to assume a leading role?

Apply for the supervisor course!

  • What do you learn?

    The course satisfies the requirements given in Regulations on the performance of work § 26-23.

    The focus is primarily on leadership and risk management, and we place emphasis on sharing experiences between course participants.

    Large parts of the course are practical and it is planned to solve scenarios as a diving leader with divers in the water.

  • Admission requirements

    To start the course, you must have turned 24, have a minimum of two years’ experience as a professional diver, and you must document that you have completed a minimum of 200 work dives.

  • Job opportunities

    Regulations on the performance of work, Chapter 26, require that everyone who is to function as diving leaders inland in Norway has completed this training. The course is therefore a prerequisite for being able to play this role.

  • Certificates

    Upon passing the training, you will receive a course certificate documenting that you have completed safety training as a dive leader in accordance with the regulations.