Former students

Portrettbilde Jarl Ove Sandøy

Jarl Olav Sandøy

"I had a fantastic term at NYD with many interesting dives. We had the chance to try out various equipment and there was good theoretical teaching. There was a very good environment at the school, with both the teachers and instructors and the other pupils. We felt well taken care of during the months we were there and I still have many good memories. I can recommend the school for anyone who is thinking about training as a commercial diver."

Passed in 2009

Portrettbilde Johan Aronsson

Johan Aronsson

"The management and instructors at NYD are very committed and a have a positive attitude to the school and the industry. They are constantly updating the study material and diving equipment, which gives the school a very professional feel."

Passed in 2010 and 2013

Portrettbilde Kjetil Nygaard

Kjetil Nygaard

"After working for several years out in the industry, it was great to come back to NYD and see how much the school had developed. Both equipment and facilities are modern and high quality, and it feels good to be part of an organisation that is so concerned about development and improvement."

Passed in 2003

Stig Tangen

"I had a great and educational time at NYD. The instructors were knowledgeable and inclusive. It was a good environment at the school an i would recommend NYD to anyone who wants a career as a diver."