Hva er en yrkesdykker?

Many of the practical jobs being done on dry land is also needed under the surface. A commercial diver is first and foremost a skilled worker. They are construction workers, rescue personnel, photographers, engineers and seamen. They weld, inspect, construct, repair and maintain everything from fish farms to offshore subsea installations.

Professions that combine well with diving

Do you have a trade or something you are good at? Maybe your skills are needed under water.

  • carpenter
  • mason
  • welder
  • plumber
  • electrician
  • skipper
  • fire fighter
  • engineer
  • Photographer
  • Scientist


Diving is the means, not the end. Some call diving just the travel to the work site, a way of accessing the place where the job is to be done. It is an advantage if you are trained in a trade in addition to your diver training, but this is not a prerequisite.


Most divers are mobile. You must expect to travel for work.


How much money a diver make varies greatly. An experienced commercial diver may earn more than NOK 700 000 pr year, while a beginner may earn around NOK 400 000.